Discover Islamic heritage of Lithuania – Tour 1

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Contrary to many Western or Northern European countries, Islam was known in Lithuania since the Middle Ages. In contrast to the other European societies at that time Lithuania was known by high levels of ethnic diversity and relative religious tolerance and freedom. Lithuanian tatars arrived to Lithuania  and established in some territories. Together they brought their religion of Islam and their traditions to their new homeland. Their main communities were established in the lands around Raiziai (in the municipality of the District of Alytus), Nemezis (in the municipality of the District of Vilnius) and other places. After time tatars completely settled therein, started making families, having their children, created religious and cultural communities and integrated into the local social life of Lithuania.  During 700 years Lithuanian tatars assimilated with local people, lost their language and now use Lithuanian, however they preserved Islam as their religion. Due to the isolation from the rest of the Muslim world, religion practices of Tatars has some differences from other sunni Muslims, but they are not considered as a separate sect.


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