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Translation project : Tafseer Sura al Mulk to Lithuanian language + publication

The Islam encourages Muslims to learn the Quran by heart; therefore, one year ago the members of the Lithuanian Muslim community expressed their wish to learn one of the longer surahs of the Quran. 67th surah Al-Mulk was chosen by mutual agreement because of its significance and virtues. The goal of this task was to learn it by heart in Arabic as well as to know the Lithuanian translation of every aya. Of course, the meaning and the correct implication of the Quran cannot be understood only by its translation; therefore, at the same time we offered to get acquainted with the works of two famous Quran scholars Ibn Kathir and As-Saadi. For this reason the tafseer of the Quran surah Al-Mulk composed by these scholars was also translated into Lithuanian.

Source of Tasfeer : Ibn Kathir and Sh. As-Saadee


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