Our activities

Our organisation is giving social services to other cultures and Lithuanian society in two languages (Lithuanian and English). Also by good understanding of the culture and values in the Baltic region we have an experience in co-operation with different local communities. Our activities are concentrated on:

First informational website in lithuanian language about traditional minority (Muslims) heritage in Lithuania 

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” aims to inform Lithuanian society about the place of traditional minorities heritage in Lithuania. Thus, we have developed the website islamasvisiems.lt for the lithuanian speaker audience and the website en.islamasvisiems.lt for the english speaker public. These websites offer the following services :

Information about spiritual and social Muslims heritage in the country: history of first Muslim tatars immigrants in Lithuania, meetings with some descenders of tatars, explanation of the basic islamic creed and religious life in Lithuania, location of the historical mosques and centres. 

Services for business initiatives: information about restaurants, supermarkets and shops where can be found Halal label products.

E-learning platform: discover Islam religion by distance in an easy and systematic way.  Also we do partnership with the online school AL-DIRASSA centre to give online live sessions to learn Arabic, Quranic and Islamic sciences with native Arabic teachers.

Blog about the social life: lectures, seminars, festivals, exhibitions, tourism and etc.

Organization of events

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” organizes different social events, education for kids and adults, seminaries, conferences and touristics tour.

Social events or contribution: we cherishes of cultural, religious and ethical values. Among our last events, we have organized or be partners to:

Touristic tours : preservation of heritage, visiting tour of spiritual and social Muslims heritage in Lithuania. Among our last tours :

Service of consulting

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” proposes consultating services about spiritual and social Muslims communities heritage and Islam religion for school, visitors and companies. Among our consulting seances :

We are helping to develop social activities for religious organisations in Lithuania

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” proposes service to develop some projects for religious and cultural organisations in Lithuania. We are helping to people make a strong relationship between each other.

Donation: We are organising different donation projects  for religious and cultural organisations in Lithuania. Since 2017 we have partnership with Kaunas city Muslim’s community and helping to collect funds for different kind of projects inside: contribution in feast Ramadan iftar, help to collect things/cloths for refugees who came from unstable situation and the conflict areas, restoration of dome windows of Kaunas mosque, restoration of the territory around the Kaunas mosque and etc.

Conception of visual and communication support

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” creates and designs different communication support as posters, flyers and etc. Among our last realisation :

Develope religious education for adults and children

VšĮ “švietimas ir paveldas” has organized informal education in 2015-2016 in Kaunas city, in 2016-2019 in Vilnius city, from 2019 till now in Kaunas city. These schools directed to Lithuanian and foreign men, women and children: permanently or temporarily staying in Lithuania, who has low financinal incomes and free of charge.


  • Focus of Muslims tatar history in Lithuania.
  • Introduce values of Islam in Lithuania.
  • Help children to explore and develop their identity as a natural part of their mental and personal development.
  • Spread the knowledge and teachings of the Quran and the means of its understandings.
  • Teach Arabic language and to have better communication as well as intercultural and interfaith understanding.

 All educational activities are free of charge.

Translation of books to lithuanian language

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” works on the translation of  books to Lithuania language. Among the books we have already translated : 

Our e-boutique

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” runs online shop krautuvele.islamasvisiems.lt. The idea to open an e-shop arose due to an increase the need to read religious literature, get clothing and other items at multiple corners of Lithuania and abroad. Thus gives the opportunity to order or buy the most needed things.

We have partnership with some other religious and cultural organisations.  If you want to help us develop our projects for people who are interested in ethical heritage in Lithuania we would be glad to make new partnership with you. You can contact us or read more about current projects in our website.