Who we are

Non-profit organisation VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas”

Established in 2014 VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” (“Public enterprise “Education and heritage”) is a non-profit organisation which aim is to build a bridge between other cultures and Lithuanian society.

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” aims to develop, a more harmonious and ethics society. We axis this development around the education in his largest acceptance.  

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” leans on universal values. It does not feel a vocation to be a community tool but aims for a global work in partnership with everyone who work in this sens and who sees itsel in theses values.

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” must be able to create community which shares good deeds and security and evokes the trust in it for the members of the community and beyond. Our goal is to illuminate the world with the beautiful light of good deeds.

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” look forward its work to give better understanding of the heritage of traditional etnicities minorities in Lithuania.

To achieve this, VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” provides professional and clear prepared authentical information in Lithuanian language through various Upcoming eventsactivities and projects.

VšĮ “Švietimas ir paveldas” is officially registered in Lithuania by address: Totorių g. 6, LT- 44236, Kaunas. Our organization has status of the beneficiary of support.